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Strategy to Harmonise the Way Ahead

Central Coast Chorale Music Director, Christopher Bower OAM, recently announced a new strategic vision for the group including an increased focus on creating a musical learning community and financial sustainability.


Bowen says, “After a thorough consultation period with our present and past members, it was clear that the group wanted to be assured of our fiscal longevity while continuing to deliver excellence in programming in a nurturing and creative environment.”


The immediate priority is the continual improvement in creating a professional and encouraging artistic environment for members and supporters. This is central to attracting and retaining new members, particularly men, to the group.

Elke Hook, Principal Soloist and past President says, “Members state that benefiting from Bowen’s impressive expertise and being a part of a learning musical community is what encourages them to continue to strive for singing excellence.”


“While we already enjoy well-managed rehearsals, we are about to step it up another notch with sectional rehearsals, particularly to assist our tenors and baritones, more focus on world-class tone production, and better member support in their private practice.”


When asked their preferred musical styles, those surveyed responded with classical and baroque music at the top, followed by musical theatre and operetta, Gregorian chant, folk songs and original compositions.


1. A Learning Musical Community

Attract, retain and nurture the region’s finest vocal talent by maintaining a professional and encouraging artistic environment.

2. Annual Programs, Revenue Generation and Partnerships

Sustain excellence in artistic programming and generate income through performances, grants, partnerships and other forms of fundraising.

3. Leadership and Governance

Ensure that the right people are in place to support a financially stable organisation.

4. Marketing and Communication

Broaden the awareness of the Chorale, build membership and continue to increase audiences.

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