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Policy Guide


1 Membership Fees

a.   Members are warranted to pay membership fees whether they attend a rehearsal or not.

b.   Absence of Leave forms are used only for extended leave of 5 or more consecutive weeks.  Any leave under 5 weeks, normal fees apply.

2 Concerts

a.   Members who are up to date with their fees will be allowed to sit in on our concerts for free, if not participating.

b.   All participating members must consult with concert managers if any problems arise on the day.

c.   Due to clashing dates with other groups, all new committee members (particularly the Secretary & PR/VC) need to be informed of their regular performing dates eg. Rotary and the Crossroads etc.

d.   Once prior concert rehearsal starts, no participating members are to be at FoH.

e.   Intermissions between first and second half of concert will be reduced to 10mins.

f.   On confirmation or booking of the next concerts venue the Venue Co-ordinator needs to request an Invoice to be sent to the Treasurer for payment of venue if required prior to performance.

3 Purchases

a.   Expenditure approvals must go to at least 2 Exec. Committee members prior to purchases.

4 Membership

a.   New memberships to be approved ASAP by Execs with written confirmation to nominee. On approval, then payment begins.

b.   New members who have never performed with choirs before need to be given a letter of introduction informing them of what is required.

c.   Secretary is to inform Librarian when a new member will be attending so that the music will be available.

5 Protocol

a.   Any accusation made towards an outside party must not be divulge by any member.  It will be tactfully dealt with by the Committee if need be.

b.   The CC Chorale aims to have friendly and collaborative relationships with any similar interest groups on the Coast. However, for historical reasons, our relationships with the CC Conservatorium and the CC Philharmonia are somewhat delicate, and our interests don't always align. Chorale members need to be mindful of this when commenting to or about representatives of either group - or in public fora such as meetings or social media - on potentially sensitive issues such as the construction of shared performance space etc. Please consult with the President, Vice President or Secretary prior to making any statements.

6 Payment terms for attendance at rehearsals by the Musical Director and Accompanist

At or before the first rehearsal of a Calendar year, The Executive will decide how many Wednesday night rehearsal’s will be scheduled for the year.  The payment to be paid per rehearsal to the Music Director and the Accompanist will also be decided. This will result in an agreed number of Scheduled Payments at an agreed rate, for the calendar year, subject to the following provisions:

a.  If the payee decides not to attend a rehearsal, and the rehearsal goes ahead, the Scheduled Payment will not be made.  Payment will be redirected to a substitute Musical Director or Accompanist

b.  If the Chorale Executive decides that a rehearsal will be cancelled, payment will be made as per the Scheduled Payments.

c.  If MD cancels a rehearsal, payment to Accompanist still stands.

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